My great-grandfather used to make leather shoes in a small village, and this is where the story begins. My father, carrying on the family tradition, continued creating small leather and fabric crafts, as well as upholstery. He instilled in me the love for handicrafts and unique materials, and he taught me everything I know about them. My first brand was the “Beyond Borders” bags, which incarnate all these dreams of traveling beyond borders and accompanying travellers on their many adventures. My passion for design, innovation, and the combination of high-quality materials has never waned in my work, to this day.


I grew up among my mother’s sewing machine and my father’s leatherwork.  In my school years I dreamed of designing like that and then chose the path of industrial design. I took my first entrepreneurial steps out of our home garage making leather bags, and yet I was convinced that the path was the right one. Supporting me along the way were my parents so that the dream became a vision and the vision became a reality. Today we have been able to design, fabricate and upholster everything – from small items, to boats and private jets – and it has now become my belief that we must push ourselves beyond the limits!